Renku update doesn't work as expected

Hello, I have created a Renku pet project to test renku dataset.

I initially created a dataset, added a file and run a script to clean data that takes 2 parameters:

  • an --input-path to read the dirty data
  • an --output-path to write a cleaned csv file.

The (here simplified) command was:
renku run python --input-path air-quality/file.csv --output-path processed/file.csv
Then I re-run a similar command including also an --input directory to force renku updating when adding any file to the folder:
renku run python --input-path air-quality/file.csv --output-path processed/file.csv --input air-quality/
At this point, I tried to add another file to the dataset, that is downloaded and added to the input folder air-quality/. I expected the update to run automatically, but this didn’t happen. Is this correct?
Then I typed renku update but I got an error.
I believe I created extra dirty workflows that should be removed. Does this make sense? How can I get rid of the redundant workflow form .renku/workflows in a clean way?