Set storage in renku.ini file

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memory, cpu and gpu request etc. can be set with the renku.ini file. Templates in Renku — Renku documentation

How does the storage request need to be specified?

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@LiliGasser here is what a renku.ini file with storage specified looks like:

default_url = /lab
disk_request = 10G

Although with the new ui this is super easy. Just go to Settings->Sessions in your project and set the defaults there without editing any files manually. The UI will make the right changes to the renku.ini file and persist them.

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Hi @tolevski

Thanks a lot for the super quick answer! And I’ll have a look at the new UI :slight_smile:

Thank you tolevski, could you also update that in the documentation? I was looking for it this morning and could not find it

Hi Pascal,

I’ve created a GH issue to prioritise this on our end: docs: templated disk space in renku.ini · Issue #2263 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku · GitHub

We will address it ASAP!

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the above link to the renku documentation is dead, here a working one: Templates in Renku — Renku documentation

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