Define project default CPU/RAM

Dear @renku_team,

I’m looking for a way to set default CPU / RAM requirements for a project.

As my guess was to modified the .renku/renku.ini , I found this topic but it’s only about
the disk_request.

Can I just set :
cpu_request = 1
ram_request = 4G




It is possible to do this by editing the ini file, but the easier way is from the CLI, and the easiest way to do this is from the UI.

If you go to your [project] > Settings > Sessions tab, then you get a UI like this:

Thanks @cramakri for your answer !

My issue is that the project will crash if not enough resources are allocated.

Therefore, I would like to default the minimum requirements for CPU and RAM.
Another Advantage would be that “users” can directly click on the Start button from the Overview. And a following advantage is that “users” do not select Maximum of everything.

Could you point me to documentation for the proper keys ?



Hi @romainGuiet, from the UI - Settings, you can directly change the default settings. It will modify the ini file.

If you prefer cli, you can check Renku Command Line — Renku 1.0.0rc2.dev39+g6780b590 documentation for all keys available.

I think I see the confusion. The project > Settings > Sessions page looks quite similar to the Session Start page

That one will only set the resource request for current session.

But, as Tao pointed out, the project > Settings > Sessions page modifies the default settings for all sessions. And these will be used if the user clicks the “Start” button. So updating the project > Settings > Sessions should give you the result you want!

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