Start session link automatically fetching LFS data?


Is there a possibility to create a start session link with the option automatically fetch LFS data?

I tried to go around this question, changing the .renku/renku.init with fs_threshold = 4mb. But it did not solve my issue, even if I though it should.

The project is public and intended for teaching (this is why I would like the set-up as easy as possible for the students to connect to the project).
I can share here the project name if needed.

Hi @colinem - you can set this for the project in Settings --> Sessions --> Automatically fetch LFS data

Just please make sure to also set the amount of storage that is required at the same time - keep in mind that LFS requires twice the space (once for the cache, and another time for the files in the project path).

Hope that helps!

Hi @rrrrrok, thanks a lot for your helpful answer.

Unfortunately, when I try to change the setting of the project, I get the following error:

And when I try to update the project setting, I also get a similar error:

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it looks like your token for gitlab has expired (though that shouldn’t happen), you might need to log out and log back in again.

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Thanks @ralf.grubenmann.
I tried to log out and in again from renkulab. And also to log out from Gitlab (which I opened through RenkuLab: i.e. But the issue remained.

Is that what you meant?

It looks like there is a problem in the interaction between the UI and GitLab somewhere. In the meantime, you can (hopefully) use the following workaround to update this setting.

  • Start a session in the project
  • In the session, use the renku-cli to set the config value: renku config set interactive.lfs_auto_fetch true
  • Push your changes with git push

That should hopefully allow you do make this change while we investigate what is preventing the UI from allowing you to do this.

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