Some files are replaced with links

I set up a project for a course ( phdunipdcourse), and everything worked fine creating and running the scripts but when I reopened the session (or a new session) some files (for example HTML ones or some .txt datasets) were replaced with links to the gitlab actual file.


You can see that the files are 131 B.

The strange thing is that if I go in the ‘Files’ tab, files are there and downloadable in the right format and weight.

Is there something I can do to fix it?

Thank you

Hi @lucavd by default renku commands will use Git LFS (Large File Storage) for files that are greater than 100kb. I suspect this is what happened here.

To get the full content of the files you can run git lfs pull in the terminal in an existing session.

Alternatively Renku can run git lfs pull for you automatically when it starts a session. This happens if you turn on the Automatically fetch LFS data switch when you start a session.

The reason for LFS and the automated checks that Renku does is that git repositories are made to store text files with code (that are relatively small). So adding large data files directly in the repository can very quickly and easily make a repository unusable because any git command will take a very long time. I think the main reason for this is that git tries to hash and diff all files. But when the files are large and/or have data this process is really slow. Using LFS allows Git to properly handle large data files.

Thank you! This should resolve everything