Files in LFS and size of Repo

Hi everyone!

Recently, I needed to delete some large LFS files from a repo. A really knowledgeable expert told me that I could proceed by just using git rm <files>, then committing and pushing, and finally running git lfs prune. It worked, as the files are not there anymore. But, if I go to the repo in GitLab, still it has the same size. Therefore, I don’t know how recommended is proceeding like this, and how could I check for the real size of my repo.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hey @lusamino thanks for reporting this - I’ve had mixed results with repository sizes as reported by GitLab and I’m not actually sure how that accounting is done. Maybe it will get cleared up when it does a garbage collection and the old objects are removed. If you do git lfs fetch --all and then check the size of the .git/lfs/objects directory, is it what you would expect or still much bigger?