New Release RenkuLab - Access to Compute Resources (0.31.0)

Renku 0.31.0 brings important changes in the way sessions are managed and launched. It introduces the compute resource control (CRC) service, enabling Renku administrators to manage access to specific computing resources! The service exposes an HTTP API for the administrators to interact with. In this way, Renku administrators can create, update or delete resource pools, and can add to or remove users from resource pools.

The CRC service also brings changes to the user interface for launching sessions, specifically when it comes to selecting compute resources for a specific session. With this version we have grouped different pre-set configurations of memory, CPU, RAM and GPU in resource classes. Resource classes are further grouped in resource pools and users are asked to select the resource pool and class they wish to use when they launch a session rather than separately specify memory, CPU, RAM and GPU requirements. The selection for the amount of disk storage required is also changed but now has more freedom than before. Users can now select disk storage with a slider that only has a maximum limit and no pre-set steps. For projects where the users have specified resource requests in the project settings the UI will provide hints as to which resource classes are suitable based on the settings. When the quick launch button is used to start a session the closest equal or greater resource class based on the project settings will be automatically selected.

:speaker: This is a brand new feature that we will continue adapting and improving - let us know if you find issues or want to share ideas for improvements!

:star2: New Features

  • :technologist: UI: Update session start options and project settings to use compute resource pools (#2484).
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Infrastructure: Add the compute resource control service.
  • :bookmark_tabs: Renku Notebooks: Use the compute resource control (CRC) service.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • :part_alternation_mark: UI: Support common R file extensions (#2638).
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Renku Core Service: Isolates core-service cache per instance, improves cache cleanup. (#3555).