🧑🏻‍💼 Renkulab Update: Admin panel for compute resources (0.42.1)

Admin Panel for compute resource configuration

Renku 0.42.0 allows RenkuLab administrators to easily manage user resource pools via an Admin Panel built into RenkuLab. Administrators can access the new Admin Panel by navigating to the account icon in the top right in RenkuLab and selecting ‘Admin Panel’.

User resource pools are a way to manage the compute resources accessible to groups of RenkuLab users for interactive sessions. From the new Admin Panel, Renku administrators can create resource pools, set their maximum resource quotas, customise the session classes available within pools, and add users to pools.

To access the Admin Panel, a user must have the renku-admin role delegated to them in Keycloak.

Confirmation when saving a session

When saving a session, the UI now opens a window that allows to provide an optional informative message.

Thus, Renku 0.42.1 is a bugfix release that addresses the some bugs identified in a few services served by the data services and notebooks components.

:information_source: This update includes changes from versions 0.42.0 to 0.42.1 . Find a complete list of the details on our release page.

:loudspeaker: Please share any feedback or issues in General, and read on for a full breakdown of improvements included in this update.