🪩 Renkulab Update: Improved design for landing page (0.36.2)

Renku 0.36.2 has been released today. It includes a bug fix that that prevented users from saving data via the UI in a session. Thus, Renku 0.36.X introduce bug fixes and improvements in the UI, and a new feature in the knowledge graph, namely Project Update API can update description, keywords and image. We would like to highlight here the better navigation experience for access to project search and to available resources:

  • :dancer:t2: Improved design of the Renku landing page: Would you like to quickly access public projects in Renkulab? The latest design of the landing page shows direct search to all available public projects.
    The search bar for reach public projects
    Thus, you can also have a quicker access to Renku resources through the footer of the landing page.

:information_source: Read on for a full breakdown of all new features, improvements and bug fixes included in the latest set of releases.

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