Renku 0.22.0 Released

Hello Renkuers! has been updated to version 0.22.0!

This release introduces a simplified and more powerful search, now powered by the Renku Knowledge Graph. Use the single integrated search bar to discover projects and datasets across Renku.

For your projects show up in this new Knowledge Graph search, your projects need to have the Knowledge Graph activated. But don’t worry- if this isn’t the case with any of your projects, you’ll get a message on your dashboard when you log in (see below) with a link to activate them.

Plus, after a few months away, Project and Dataset images are back! Upload an image to your project or dataset (via the Settings menu) to add some pop to your Renku project. You’ll notice this change comes with a more compact look to Project and Dataset page headers, too.

Read on for more detail on improvements and bug-fixes included in this release.

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :mag_right: UI: Introduce a new cross-entity search page for searching Projects and Datasets simultaneously. This search page replaces the separate Projects and Datasets pages.
  • :black_square_button: UI: Improve styling of buttons with menu and group buttons.
  • :frame_with_picture: UI: Restore projects and datasets avatars, and add a simple image editor.
  • :bar_chart: UI: Update real-time the project’s indexing status.
  • :bookmark_tabs: UI: Update documentation links and target the stable release.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • UI: Restore per-language source highlighting in the file preview.
  • UI: Limit the available namespaces in which new projects may be created to the ones owned by the user to prevent failures.
  • UI: Prevent interface from freezing when interacting with broken sessions.
  • UI: Remove idle time when moving to step two on the starting session page.

Find more in our full release notes. And as always, please use #general channel for any issues or feedback!