🎉 Renku 0.33.0 Released

Renku 0.33.0 introduces improvements and bug fixes in the UI and Knowledge Graph. The UI benefits from better error handling and overall behavior, including improved handling of common R file extensions. Regarding the Knowledge Graph, the Cross-Entity Search improves significantly its performance and project visibility can be changed through a dedicated API.

:star2: New Features

  • :face_with_peeking_eye: Knowledge Graph: Add a new Project Update API for changing Project visibility (#1611).

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :mag_right: Knowledge Graph: The Cross-Entity Search returns a new dateModified property for Project and Dataset entities (#1612) and (#1595).
  • :part_alternation_mark: Knowledge Graph: Improved performance of the Cross-Entity Search while searching for datasets (#1591).
  • :back: UI: Add a global error page for fatal errors preventing blank pages (#2604).
  • :page_facing_up: UI: Support previewing additional common R file extensions (#2639).

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • UI: Prevent showing endless loader when migration errors occur (#2650).
  • UI: Do not expand folders by default in dataset view when dataset contains large number of elements (#2628).
  • UI: Render Rstudio components correctly -- sometimes columns were collapsed (#2660).
  • UI: Prevent losing work when editing datasets (#2628).

:information_source: Further details can be found in our full release notes. Do not doubt to reach to us in General in case you have any feedback.