Renku run papermill

Hi, the tutorial used to have examples of renku run papermill ..., but I can’t find them any more. I tried to use it as I noted down earlier, but I cannot see the lineage information of the output files. See e.g. here: Renku

I generated the file using the following command: renku run papermill notebooks/GC_Fluxes_Computations_equations.ipynb \ notebooks/GC_Fluxes_Computations_equations.ran.ipynb -p output_path_var \ modules_exported/ -p output_path_eq \ modules_exported/

The project you linked to is private, so I didn’t have permission to take a look.

Do you see the lineage with the commandline client? I.e. running renku log modules_exported/ (if modules_exported/ is an output).

Hi Ralf, sorry about this, I made it ‘internal’ now. Don’t want to make it public yet as I haven’t included any license information.

Here is what I got:

$ renku log modules_exported/
*  d1aea19e notebooks/GC_Fluxes_Computations_equations.ran.ipynb
| *  d1aea19e modules_exported/
| *  d1aea19e modules_exported/
| *  c3cef784 .renku/workflow/759a220028cc426ca49cf2a187b7ad23_papermill.yaml
*  aca8c241 (latest -> 55460c5f) notebooks/GC_Fluxes_Computations_equations.ipynb
|           (part of notebooks directory)
@  aca8c241 (latest -> 55460c5f) notebooks

I just checked the same project again (Renku), and now it works! The knowledge graph shows up nicely, and when clicking on the input or output filesl in the KG, I get a new view for that file: Renku
Awesome! The new version of renku made all the difference.
It would be nice if clicking on the renku run command would also show the full command.