Error with lineage display in renkulab

When looking at the lineage of 1 of my files, I noticed that my image output was being shown as an input to my command. While the actual inputs (notebook, and .py files) are not shown.

Would I need to rerun all the new commands since the update?

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Hi there!

I took a look at the project and it looks like the following happened (assuming it is ok to post these details since the project is public):

  1. The file Analysis/output/backnforth3.png was first created on Dec 4
  2. On Feb 9, the following command was run:
renku run papermill Analysis/Permeability_of_twig_directionality_or_pressure.ipynb notebooks/Pe
rmeability_of_twig_directionality_or_pressure.ran.ipynb -p input_c1 Data/Data_2020-07-17.csv -p out
put_c1 Analysis/output/constant_twig.png -p input_bf1 Data/Data_2020-07-27.csv -p output_bf1 Analys
is/output/backnforth1.png -p input_bf3 Data/Data_2020-07-29_2.csv -p output_bf3 Analysis/output/bac
knforth3.png -p input_bf4 Data/Data_2020-09-10.csv -p output_bf4 Analysis/output/backnforth4.png -p
 input_bfr1 Data/Data_2020-07-31.csv -p output_bfr1 Analysis/output/backnforthR1.png -p input_bfr2 
Data/Data_2020-09-17.csv -p output_bfr2 Analysis/output/backnforthR2.png

Because the file Analysis/output/backnforth3.png already existed, and was not passed to Renku as an output, it was considered to be an input to the command. The command does not reference any other notebook files or python files, which is why those do not appear as inputs.

Iā€™m not sure how best to resolve these problems with the KG. Let me loop in one of the Renku CLI developers.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We noticed there was a bug on the KG side, and only part of the lineage was properly returned to you.
We have created an issue for this that you can follow here:

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