Problem when opening a Terminal

Hello, a couple of times that I initiated an environment, and clicked on the “Terminal” icon, I faced two problems:

1 - The first one is shown in the image below. There was an empty space and I was not able to type.
2 - When clicking on the “Terminal” icon, nothing was opening.

I should add that after waiting some minutes and trying again, I could manage to open a terminal. But this can be a bit annoying to wait…

Could you tell us what OS/Browser combination you are using? In particular, if you are on Windows/Edge, could you try Chrome or Firefox and let us know if you have the same problems?

I was using Windows/Chrome when I had this problem.

This can also happen sometimes if there is a lot of data checked in to the git repository directly instead of through LFS. Could you run git lfs migrate --everything and see if it reports a significant amount of data? This would mean that it found large files that are treated as normal git objects, which can make git very slow. And since the terminal opens up into a git repository, it can make it unresponsive.

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