Notebook for 400 students

Hi, I wanted to ask what we should consider for setting up a notebook for 400 students.

Would that be possible?

Thank you.

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It sounds like you want students to be able to each launch an environment for executing and possibly modifying the cells in the notebook. Do they need to be able to save their modifications, or do they just need to be able to play around without making their work permanent?

I guess it would be temporary, the students would have to answer some quiz questions regarding the data.

Ok, in that case the setup and configuration should be straightforward. An instructor would just create a project and, after testing to make sure that it launches, send out the link to the students. The students could just start sessions on that project without having to fork the project.

Would you be planning on running this on I need to check with the admins of that instance how it would handle 400 sessions being launched simultaneously. We have had dozens of simultaneous starts on that infrastructure, but I do not think we have ever had multiple hundreds there. We will get back to you soon!

Hi @kyriakosschwarz

thanks for your interest for Renku.

Accommodating 400 additional sessions simultaneously on our current deployment would be on the edge of what we can support.

Would it be OK for you if we contact you privately (over email), to understand better the needs and discuss details of this course: course time period, quiz frequency and length, how many resources each environment would need, etc?

We can also discuss alternatives like helping you have your own Renku deployment dedicated for the course.


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