Monitoring Renku installation

is there any docu available about how to intergrate Renku into Prometheus monitoring ?
I have Renku, Prometheus & Grafana setup on K8s, now I want to shine some light onto Renku metrics visualized by Grafana.
Which metrics are available and what are the endpoints to scrape ?
…is there even a Renku Grafana dashboard somewhere available ?

Many thanks in advance

hi @gkoenig, we primarily collect kubernetes-level metrics with prometheus. In addition, the graph services expose custom prometheus metrics. We also have a few grafana dashboards defined that I look at regularly - one for general renku deployment health, one for the current state of running user sessions, and one for the knowledge graph services status.

Here’s a snapshot of the user pod status dashboard (we borrowed some of the queries from the similar binder dashboard):

The renku health dashboard:

and one of the (many) KG-related dashboards:

We can certainly make the json for our custom dashboards available, but we need to think about how to keep it in sync.

That’s great.
I would be more than happy if you can share the dashboard json, just to have a starting point :wink:
Many thanks and best regards

Here: a gist with the “user pod status” and “renku health” dashboards. Let me know if they work for you.

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many thanks @rrrrrok
They are very helpful as a starting point. Just need to make some adjustments, e.g. I am using “prometheus” as data source and some other namespaces.