About the Renku Admin category

Use this space to post questions or feedback about deploying Renkulab in a k8s cluster, like renkulab.io
This includes infrastructure requirements and configuration topics, as well as anything related to the deployment process itself. If your question targets the use of renkulab or the renku command line, please refer to the Renkulab or Renku (cli) category respectively.


If you are new here, you may find our admin documentation a good place to start from.

You can find further information about how to configure a Renkulab deployment in the renku values file.


The deployment of Renkulab is done via Helm charts. The renku Github repository holds the umbrella helm charts used to deploy the platform. The different component repositories hold the Renkulab’s component specific charts.

We welcome very much contributions from the community, so please feel free to chime in with bug reports, technical questions, pull requests and use this category to share your experience with deploying Renkulab with other admins!

Additionally, we have an email address dedicated to provide support for anybody who wants to deploy Renkulab: renkuadmin@datascience.ch