About the Renku (CLI) category

Renku CLI

Use this space to post questions or feedback about the renku command-line interface. This includes every renku command invoked from the console, either on your laptop/workstation or on the interactive environments provided by our cloud instances. If you have issues with anything else, please refer to the Renkulab (cloud) category.


If you are new here, you may find our tutorial the perfect place to start from.

You can find further information about the cli on our documentation. Keep in mind that you can always type

renku --help


renku <command> --help

in the terminal to get a quick overview of what is available and how to properly use the commands.


The development of the cli happens in the renku-python GitHub repository.

We welcome very much contributions from the community, so please feel free to chime in with bug reports, technical questions, and pull requests!