Renku-python api

Hi everyone,

with advances in the renku-python api we switched to directly using renku-python and renku-python api instead of renku CLI, because it enables us to more flexibly use renku. While this has been very useful in many regards it makes using renku CLI commands more cumbersome and forces us to adapt our code frequently because backward capability is not guaranteed.

Thus we were wondering about plans to implement renku CLI commands in the renku-python api? For us it would great to have a complete and stable set of renku functionalities in python. This is not intended as a direct feature request, but we are rather wondering if this could be of interest for others and which functionalities are of particular interest to others?

Here is the complete list of CLI commands that we are using and wrapping ourselves in the moment and which would be useful parts of the renku-python api for us. In particular some form of renku run and renku workflow execute would be useful with the plan and activity models of renku-python api.