Renkulab v0.12 rollout

We have recently released a new version of renku and will be rolling it out to various RenkuLab instances in the coming days.

This is an important upgrade that enables v1.0 of renku-python (renku CLI) to work with the renku web interface, RenkuLab. The upgrade requires regenerating the metadata in the knowledge graph, which means that for a period of time, searching and accessing datasets and lineage information will be limited and incomplete. The metadata regeneration is done automatically and doesn’t require any action from you.

Updating projects

You might be prompted to update your project to the new version of Renku. As a general rule, this update should take less than 30 seconds, and we will provide an estimate of the time required. The update will migrate the project metadata and, for most projects, update the base image and the version of the Renku CLI used in interactive sessions. For large projects with thousands of commits or many renku workflows, we recommend doing the migration manually. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or open an issue if you encounter problems or are unsure how to proceed.

Most importantly, from this point on, new projects created on renkulab will use renku CLI >= v1.0. We therefore strongly urge you to have a look at the myriad of new features that this major release enables by checking out the release notes. This release completely changes the storage and generation of the knowledge graph metadata, with vastly improved performance and functionality. We have gone to great lengths to ensure a smooth transition for older projects and for continuity in the CLI, but please report issues on discourse or GitHub.

You can find further details about the release in the release notes.

Timing of the rollout

The upgrades will be as follows:

We hope you like the new features - if you have further questions or suggestions for improvements, let us know!