Linking ORCID not possible

It looks like it’s about to work, but after confirming permission for Renku to access my data on the ORCID side, I get the message “You are already logged in.” from Renku.


Hi @loleg, your point is not very clear to me. Are you trying to log into RenkuLab with ORCID and it is not working? If so, could it be that you are already registered in Renku with the same credentials that you have in ORCID?

@loleg did you try to link ORCID to an existing account? i.e. by clicking (in Renku, once logged in) on the account icon, and going to “Linked accounts”?

I just tried doing this with my own account two different ways (from a private window to avoid any funny cookie issues). If you are clicking on the ORCID link on the login screen for Renku: once you go through the ORCID login and are then redirected back to Renku, you will be asked to confirm your email - this has to be the same email as what is currently associated with your renku account. It should work the same way if you use the “Linked accounts” screen as mentioned at the top.

I do see two different accounts in for you though, maybe that’s causing some conflict somewhere?

Thanks both for the replies. I’m trying to link my account, not log into it. I should have mentioned that I have a second account where the ORCID was initially linked. This newer account which has no projects (or possibly one stale project that I transferred already) can be deleted.

Hi @loleg - this is done, I’ve removed the newer account. Hope that helps!