Ipywidgets issues

I am using ipywidgets interact in a Renku project, and bizarrely, it works only sometimes. Each time Renku has a server error and need to reinstall ipywidgets, interact might work or not. By not working I mean that the drop down menus do not show, the interact output is stuck to the first value of the drop down menu specified arrays. Any idea why? Thank you.

I found a walk around that I thought I would share, in case you face the same issue. When you pip install ipywidgets and run ‘interact’, the pop up menus will not show as described above. What I need to do is hit ‘back’ on the Renku menu (top left button), then reconnect to the session. If I then run again ‘interact’, the drop-down menus are available as they should. Not ideal and I do not understand the root cause, but the walk around works.

Thank you @amoulin55 for sharing the issue and the solution!