How to remove old outputs?

I have python script where I previously defined an output-folder, but I changed that now to defining each individual output file. However, renku status keeps saying the old folder is outdated, like this:

data/HYDRO_input/prec0_2/AdelaideRiver_DS_DalyRoad: src_py/

I tried already with renku rm data/HYDRO_input/prec0_2/AdelaideRiver_DS_DalyRoad and also git rm, and changed now the outputs to a different folder. So the folder doesn’t even exist anymore in the repository. The workflow however still exists. So is there a way I could remove this folder from renku?

I think you can remove the Plan (Recipe for a workflow) that was originally used for the Activity (execution of the workflow) in question using renku workflow remove <plan_name>. You can then also create a plan with the same name, overriding the old one, if you like. You can see Plans using renku workflow ls.
That would prevent it being considered in renku update. For renku status, I’m not so sure. I had a quick look at the code in question and it seems renku status might not respect a Plan being deleted when doing its calculations, though I might be missing something. Could you check if removing the plan solves the issue and, if not, open an issue at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub that renku status should disregard deleted Plans.

Note, for provenance tracking reasons, we currently don’t allow deleting past Activities themselves.

Okay thanks! In the end I just rolled back to a previous state where it wasn’t a problem, and that solved it. But good to know it can be done like this!