Renaming files; effect on workflows

How does renku plans behave if i rename/move files? If I correctly track the change in project structure with git, will renku notice the change and all workflows/plans still be valid?

We have a renku move command that makes sure Datasets are updated with the new path and we highly recommend using that when moving renku files. It does some other checks, like ensuring that the destination isn’t gitignored, that it properly ends up in Git LFS if needed and so on.

But it currently doesn’t do anything for Plans. If you git mv a file that is an input to a Plan, you can renku workflow edit the plan to use the new path as an input, but renku status will only consider the old path and report the input as deleted. If it’s an output if will consider it a deleted output and recreate it if you do renku update, I think. We recently added functionality to ignore deleted inputs for renku status/update to alleviate this situation somewhat. There is an issue to have renku move also deal with Plans/Activities, but it’s not as easy to implement as it was for Datasets.