Gurobi License verification Error

I am seeing the below after configuring a WEBFLOATCS license for the Gurobi Compute deployed in GKE.

License Status - Invalid
Error - Too many sessions, 1 active sessions for a baseline of 1

The license → info section in Gurobi manager has the correct node id and web lic details which means the lic configuration is correct

Can you pls help

Hi @kalyanchakravarthys , As I understand the error stems from the fact that you have a 1-user license and somehow it detects that you are trying to run multiple parallel sessions with the same license, right?

Yes the root cause here was we where using the same gurobi license in my multiple app services. We had raised a service request with Gurobi, they provided us the ip address and host names from where they are getting license verification requests. Using this info, we were able to trace the application and remove the duplicate usage of license.

I am glad to hear that the issue was solved.