"Evaluate all" button missing in jupyterlab

Dear team,
I keep telling all my collaborators to allways hit the “Restart and evaluate all” button in jupyter before closing a notebook to check if it still works when the memory is cleared and everything is evaluated in order. However, the renkulab jupyterlab interface does not seem to have such a button. There are only buttons to restart the kernell and evaluate all selected cells. To select all cells the user has to scroll up and down through the whole notebook which is quite inconvenient. Would it be possible to include the “restart and evaluate all” button in jupyterlab?

Hi @schymans we don’t make any modification to the UI of Jupyterlab at all but it’s possible that the button isn’t there in the version that is used by the renkulab image. The option is available via the menu:


Was this added recently to the JupyterLab UI? I see that it is there in v3 of JupyterLab - we have it on our todo list to update the default jupyterlab version soon.

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