Error using predict function terra package

I get an error when trying to perform a spatial prediction in Renku using a previously fitted GLM model and a SpatRaster containing the environmental predictors. I have updated the terra package and also tried running the code with changing the number of the “cores” argument or omitting the cores argument, which did not help. Does anyone know what could be causing this error?

this is my code:
env ← rast(“data/rasters/predictors.tif”)
cv_data ← SDM_list_new[[2477804]]$simple_glm
pr_cur_prob ← terra::predict(env, cv_data, cores = 1, type = “response”)

this is the error:
Error in .runModel(model, fun, d, nl, const, na.rm, index, …) :
argument “cores” is missing, with no default

Hi @sina - are you able to run this code in the same way outside of Renku?