Dataset is not in KG

I’m testing some dataset import/updates and I’m wondering about some datasets that are not in the KG after import followed by an update.

More precisely:

  1. I generated a test_dataset_1 in this project. By that time the dataset had the id fe4ea92a05774811813d9daf26c8f69b
  2. I imported that test dataset into a second project. That worked all fine and I could find the dataset with a new ID ( ffa44150b88347c9a0f1f14ad43d204a) pointing to the dataset in project 1.
  3. I added a new file to dataset 1 and updated the dataset in project1
  4. I updated the dataset in the second project running renku dataset update test_dataset1. This showed a message that the dataset was updated and the new file was available in project2.
    However now the dataset is shown with a yellow warning flag as not being in the KG at RenkuLab.

I can also not find a dataset with the new ID as shown in the second project (see below) when querying the KG endpoint
Screenshot from 2022-05-13 09-02-42

The KG status of all projects are shown as active and the template and renku versions are the latest. I waited a day to see if this is a matter of time. The same happened when importing and updating that dataset into a third project.

In general it is more a detail because the dataset is available and the updates themselves work, but I’m optimizing our dataset queries across projects and was wondering if there is a reason for this?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this problem and providing a concrete example. We are investigating and will get back to you as soon as we understand what is causing it.

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Hi @Almut
Sorry, it took me a bit to come back to you but I had to find out the cause of the problem. It turned out that there’s a bit of an issue on the KG side and some operations you did for the second and third projects didn’t get through KG. As a result, the Datasets you mention are not visible to them.
There’s an issue I’ve just created for this and we’ll try to work on it as soon as possible.

Many thanks for reporting the problem in such a detailed way!

Thanks a lot for looking into this and opening the issue!