Customizing the home page of institutional deployments

Hello Renku team !

Would it be possible for admins to customize the landing page of institutional deployments (e.g. Renku@UniFR ? Specifically, I am looking for a space to communicate a MOTD styled text (not related to maintenance) to all users before they are able to login.

Thanks in advance.

It is possible to change the home page that is shown to non-logged-in users Configuring the RenkuLab Homepage — Renku documentation.

That is good for fixed content, but if you want to do a MOTD that changes day-to-day, that will probably be cumbersome.

Take a look at the above documentation. If you think it would work, then great. If not, then could you make a feature request issue on Issues · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub describing what you need, how you would like it to work, and what your timeline/deadline is, and we can continue the discussion from there.

Thanks for the prompt reply @cramakri !

Indeed, MOTD would be overkill for our needs too. I am looking at a MOTW/MOTM (week/month) frequency.

So the Welcome page is for logged in users, where I see projects listed to the left and explanatory text to the right divided into sections (First Time, Help, etc.), from which I can also customize a bunch of links (tutorial, Renku forum, etc.).

If I understand the Renku documentation correctly, the Homepage is for non-logged-in users. For example, in there is a mention of ui.homepage.tutorialLink to customize the tutorial link but I see no mention of a tutorial on the “Homepage” (I tried this in private browsing mode without logging in).

Am I missing something here ? And do you make use of these Homepage customizations (e.g. ui.homepage.tutorialLink or ui.homepage.projects) for ?

The section that is most relevant is further down, with the title “Replacing the Content”: Configuring the RenkuLab Homepage — Renku documentation

That lets you change what is shown on the landing page. You can see an example of it here: Apply the new design of the home page by ciyer · Pull Request #1298 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub

On we do not do any Homepage customizations because the default content is what we want to show there. The highlighted projects is not yet something we use, as we are still deciding which projects to highlight. :slight_smile: There are instances that the SDSC manages that do use the customization features, though.

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