Conflicting usernames / email addresses with different login methods

Hi all

We have opened a protected gitlab group for students and directed them to request access at the beginning of the semester (aka last week). This is much more conveninet than trying to add them manually by hand :wink:

A few students got quite impatient when they were not immediately accepted in the group and requested access through different methods (github, switchEdu, and direct registration). This resulted in a few different errors If the email address for between the different options is the same:

  • multiple accounts can be created, but cannot join the same group (user with the same email address is already taken/part of this group)
  • The login page breaks depending on the order of logins: after login in with a github account, the switchedu login redirects to the switch login 8okay) but after the login fails with a invalid github token.

We solved this by having the student register and sign in with their private email for now.