Closing/creating RStudio projects


This question is specific to using RStudio with renkulab. I am using this project in particular, with renku 2.8.0rc3.

Whenever I try to close the default RStudio project or want to create a new one, the session seems to be loading or running idle. Is this to be expected? Is it not possible to close the default project and create new ones?

Some background about why I would like to create projects: I use my renkulab projects as part of teaching R and RStudio. Using projects is an important part thereof, as RStudio projects help learners who aren’t familiar with absolute and relative path and their computer’s general filesystem.

Here’s what I mean by the session loading/running idle:

I’ve noticed that RStudio sometimes hangs when you change r projects - however it seem refreshing the page when it get stuck seems to fix it and you come back in the new r project.

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Indeed, yes, refreshing works. Thank you!