Unable to open .nc files help

I am trying to open .nc file using xarray but it does not work. The error I get is : ValueError: did not find a match in any of xarray’s currently installed IO backends [‘netcdf4’, ‘scipy’]. Consider explicitly selecting one of the installed engines via the engine parameter, or installing additional IO dependencies, see:

When I open my L3 file it does open but any other files I get this error. Please can someone explain to me how I can open my files?
The code to open the L3 file is : # select one site (Howard Springs)
ds = xr.open_mfdataset("…/…/data/Site/HowardSprings_L3.nc")
ds_orig = ds.copy()

Filtering out data gaps marked as -9999

ds = ds_orig.where(ds_orig != -9999.)
ds_all = ds.copy()
But if I change the name of the file to another it does not work. I did install netcdf4 via pip install -r