Dataset import fails with invalid parameter value

Hi All,

I’ve just been trying to import a dataset into renku:

$ renku dataset import    
CHECKSUM                          NAME                                       SIZE (MB)  TYPE                                                                                    
--------------------------------  ---------------------------------------  -----------  ------
95ae0d979b20ba216bea9e61fdd12f33  ace_raw_meteorology_data_change_log.txt     0.00025   txt
166053e9c84c78095cc038838cbb2bb7  data_file_header.txt                        0.004535  txt
1cbed6b0e47c8fe12cc512ab152b70d0  MAWS__SMSAWS__20161117.txt                  2.21119   txt
b499f64f8980f5d381f0ec6ac2ef3bbf  MAWS__SMSAWS__20161118.txt                  3.02154   txt
b794dbb211058f2f7c532d0d2dd518e2  MAWS__SMSAWS__20170410.txt                  2.9709    txt
d710df4451b46a810e015d4f43b56703  MAWS__SMSAWS__20170411.txt                  2.98579   txt
02787fbcbe0a41b616b1b0ca474e2c40  README.txt                                  0.004183  txt
Do you wish to download this version? [y/N]: y
Error: Invalid parameter value: Could not process                                 
URI not found.                          seems to resolve ok otherwise.

Is there another way I can get around this at the moment?

Other info:
Renku version: 0.8.2 on Jupyterlab
There are 147 files of ~3MB each within this dataset.
Dataset is unprotected.