Tensorboard does not start

Hi to all,

Last week I could perfectly use tensorboard on my current project. However, today I tried to initiate it again, and I cannot get it to start. If I try to launch it normally, I get Launcher Error, Invalid Response: 500. Also, if I try to launch it on the Notebook, I get the following:

Any hints on how I can resolve this?

Thank you all!

Hi @lusamino, do you know for sure when this last worked for you? We’ve recently rolled out a major refactoring of how we run user sessions, but that rollout has taken place on November 3rd, so it would be interesting to know wether tensorboard has ever worked for you after that.

Hi @andreas! Thanks for the answer. Well, that is the strange thing, as it worked last week, I believe with the new version already. The problem is that the error prompted is not that informative honestly.

I will try to find a solution, and I will keep you all updated.