Run environment with FUSE module to mount external data

Hi Renku-Team

In our current evaluation we’d like to work with external data.
The renku CLI already has this nice feature build-in. I’m wondering what’s a good approach to mount the external data to the environments. For my current approach I need FUSE to mount a filesystem over the network. But in order to use this in the deployed environment on renku, the container needs to be started with the following parameters:

- /dev/fuse:/dev/fuse
- apparmor:unconfined

But this seem not to be possible in the current version. How can I use FUSE? Or how can I mount external data over the network into the container?


Hoi Roli,

unfortunately this is not possible at the moment for security reasons, which means that for the moment you’d have to download all the data that you need into the running session at once or selectively pull the necessary data in at the application level before accessing it.

We know that this is not a very nice solution for many use cases and we have been having ideas about some improvements in the back of our heads. Based on your request we have formalized this discussion (see this issue) and I’m optimistic that we can do at least some evaluation of the different solutions durich the next weeks. Please feel free to participate in the discussion on the github issue about the different possible implementations.