RenkuLab updated to 0.23.0

Hello Renku-ers! has been updated to Renku 0.23.0, which introduces the Renku Workflow File, a friendlier way to encode and run your data analysis pipelines on Renku. You can write out your workflow in this easy-to-use YAML file, and execute it with renku run workflow.yml. Add a workflow to your Renku project with our docs here!

What’s New

:star2: New Features

  • :memo: Renku CLI: Add support for workflow files which can be executed directly, greatly improving the UX around workflows (#3176).

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :electric_plug: UI: Change text on the quick-start session button from “Start” to “Connect” when a session is running (#2268).
  • :gear: Renku CLI: Made toil the default workflow backend instead of cwl (#3220).
  • :dash: Knowledge Graph: Performance improvements for Cross-Entities Search and Project Details APIs.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Renku CLI: Fixed toil dependency not being installed correctly.
  • Renku core service: Fix issue with project templates being cached and users being unable to create projects based on the newest version of a template (#3243).
  • UI: Restrict visibility options to be compatible with namespace and parent project in fork dialog (#2299).