Renku dataverse connection and API endpoint

I am trying to use the renku/dataverse integration to import dataverse datasets into a renku server.
Both the dataverse and renku server are deployed in house, but both are publicly accessed.

Is there a way to use the dataverse external tools to directly call the renku API ? I can’t find any endpoint that would do that, even though there seems to be a CLI command to import dataverse datasets.

The API documentation is very sparse on this topic, but it looks like this feature was merged at some point on the renku project, but I couldn’t find any official statement on this, except the renku mention on the list of Dataverse integration tools.

Has anyone successfully used this feature ?

Do you have the whole Renku platform deployed?

If so you can use this endpoint (part of the renku-core service) to import datasets: Swagger UI

The URL is probably something like <host>/api/renku/datasets.import with dataset_uri being the URL of the dataset you want to import. URL can be something like or if your datasets have a DOI that can be resolved by services like, you can just pass the DOI directly.

We’ll make a new release of the Renku platform soon, which includes improved documentation in the swagger specs. But in the meantime this is the up-to-date documentation of the endpoint fields:

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But there’s no integration in Dataverse that would push a Dataset to Renku, it’s only pull.

Thank you very much.

The endpoint seems to be active on our renku platform and thus this solve my question.