Project broken, update not possible, error:project not supported, cannot migrate

I just restarted my project to install a new R package (which is not supported anyways) and find myself not being able to start the project anymore. The renku version is very old (1.11.2), and the update function (button) does not work. As I cannot start the project anymore ( Error: This project is not supported), neither on the current or on an older commit, I cannot follow the “migrate” workflow. I believe the migrate workflow has to be performed from within an active session of my project?

And I do not understand how this user solved (maybe) the same problem: Cannot build: "project not supported"

Can anyone help me?

The project can be found here:


Hi @pohleric, We will investigate the error and come back to you when we find a solution. Best,

We are in the process of rolling out a fix for this.

In the meantime, what would work is cloning the project locally and running renku migrate on your local machine and then pushing changes back.

something like

$ pip install renku
$ renku clone giturl
$ cd project
$ renku migrate -d -t
$ renku migrate -t
$ renku save #or alternatively `git push`