Version conflict between project, local version and renkulab

Dear team,
Happy New Year! I’ve been receiving messages on renkulab that my projects are outdated, so I upgraded my local renku (it went to 1.0.1), then ran renku migrate, pushed, and now I get on renkulab:

Project Version: pre-0.11.0
Latest Renku Version: 0.16.2
  This project appears to be using an experimental version of Renku. Migration is not supported. More info about renku migrate.

How can I create a version that people can work with on renkulab? The link More info about renku migrate is dead, unfortunately.

Thanks for your help!

This is a bit of a mistake on our part: releasing a new version of Renku before full support for it is available on RenkuLab. You have two options here, but neither is really perfect:

  1. Wait a bit – support for Renku 1.0.x on RenkuLab is in the starting gates and should be released very soon (maybe even this week)
  2. Revert to the commit before you upgraded (if this is feasible), then upgrade to Renku 0.16.2, and push that to RenkuLab.

If you can afford to wait for a bit, then I think 1 is better, since you can still work in interactive sessions without problems, but if you need RenkuLab UI support for your project, then 2 is what you need to do.

Thank you, @cramakri! I will keep using 1.0.1 locally and wait, then.
Lesson to retain: check the version on renkulab before upgrading…


Honestly, this was our fault here – we should have been a bit more careful about ensuring that we do not put a version of renku out into the wild too much before it is supported on RenkuLab.