Mirroring from GitLab to GitHub issue


For our project, we want to synchronize the work we do on RenkuLab with a correspondent repository on GitHub. To do so, we have set the mirroring from the GitLab repository to the relative GitHub’s one.

It seemed to be working fine until today when I noticed the following error in the mirroring settings within the repository section:

13:close stream to gitaly-ruby: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Gitlab::Git::CommandError: To ! refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master [remote rejected] (pre-receive hook declined) Done remote: error: GH008: Your push referenced at least 1 unknown Git LFS object: remote: a9773e835e5661fa2caaf1b21d5537103c0ab64f6a32fd8fd722894cc4e6bd76 remote: Try to push them with 'git lfs push --all'. error: failed to push some refs to '[FILTERED]@github.com/oda-hub/oda-sdss.git'

Can this be related to some problem with the Renku platform? Or, in case, can you point us in the right direction?

Thank you very much


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Hi @GabBurnout87. It seems that this message occurs because github checks on a git push that all the lfs objects that are part of the push have been uploaded. I suspect that your setup for mirroring is with the push mirroring direction so that code from the renku gitlab repo is pushed to the github repository, is this correct?

Are you by any chance using a special git lfs server (i.e. not the one provided by renku’s gitlab)?

Another issue that comes to mind is that github has a limit on the amount of data you can put in git lfs (About storage and bandwidth usage - GitHub Docs). So are you sure are not going over that limit? There is no such limit on renku and renku’s gitlab deployment so you could be going over the limit only on the github side.

I am not aware on any changes in Renku that would cause this.