Help researching installation error

Hello, when trying to install Renku, I’m encountering the following error. Do you have recommendations on how I could research what is going wrong? Thank you!

$ helm upgrade --install renku renku/renku --namespace renku -f renku-values.yaml --timeout 1800s
Release “renku” does not exist. Installing it now.
coalesce.go:220: warning: cannot overwrite table with non table for keycloak.postgresql.ldap.tls (map[])
Error: execution error at (renku/charts/gitlab/templates/secret.yaml:14:27): Fill in with uuidgen -r

Hi Steve, you are deploying renku with its own gitlab, correct? In that case, it looks like my new script has a small bug and forgets to generate the gitlab oidc client secret. You have a section in the values file like this:


All you need to do is generate a secret (any random string) and put it there, e.g. as the error suggests, you can run uuidgen -r or openssl rand -hex 16

and copy / paste the random string into that field so you have something like

    clientSecret: d1a03ec9368467838c4ff598a17e5687

Thank you! That fixed it. Yes, I’m running gitlab within renku.