Feature: IGV (Integrative Genomics Viewer) for Renkulab

After much interest in GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications made possible by a new VNC feature of renkulab (Feature: Virtual Desktop (VNC) for Renkulab ), we have put together a proof of concept for the IGV (Integrative Genomics Viewer), forming part of the Renkomics toolset.

The proof of concept repository is here: Renkomics / tools / Test IGV · GitLab and you can spin up an environment here: Renku

When spinning up environments for IGV, please use at least 1 CPU and 4 GB memory.

Upon connecting, you will see a desktop with IGV icon:

If you wish to navigate to the corresponding JupyterLab endpoint, put ‘/lab’ instead of ‘/vnc’ as the URL suffix.

Double-clicking on the IGV icon will start the app and you can use it as normal.

Make sure to save any dataset changes to git and push these changes accordingly.

This is a work in progress, so if you are an IGV user and would like to suggest aesthetic or performance upgrades to the application, let us know! We are installing the version of IGV available at Downloads | Integrative Genomics Viewer