Connect renku dataset to ERIC

Dear renku team,

we are about to publish a data set which we are going to upload to ERIC, the research instituational data collection of Eawag:

As far as I know, there is not yet a connection from renkulab to ERIC. My plan now is to upload the dataset there when it’s ready and add a tag to the repo along the lines “#ERICdata”.

Are there plans on connecting renkulab and ERIC?


Thank you Lili for your message. As of now, there is not direct connection of Renku to ERIC. We will consider your suggestion and the possibility to bring that feature in upcoming releases. In the meantime, the tagging option #ERICdata is a good solution to keep track of the data origin.



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@LiliGasser do you have a sense of whether this integration would be of interest to other people at Eawag and/or users of ERIC? And would importing data be enough or is exporting to ERIC also necessary?