Build recommended

After starting a new environment, there was the following message:
Screenshot from 2020-06-19 09-18-55

Clicking Build led to the following:
(see first comment)

Do I need to do anything?

Thanks in advance!

This looks to me like you have a different version of jupyterlab in your project than the one provided in the image – do you happen to have it pinned in requirements.txt or environment.yml?

We provide the versions for jupyter* related libraries in the default image, so you shouldn’t pin them. Maybe we should be explicit about this in comments in the template dockerfile.

No, I don’t pin them. Anything else that could cause this?

If you want to have a closer look at it, it is the same repo as last time

Hi there,

the first message still appears. When I now click build, there is no more error “Build Failed”.