Both R and python in the same project

Hi folks! Is it kosher to have a renku project partly in R and partly in python? and if so, is there any do and don’ts to handle such a project?
thanks in advance!

Hi @EliHei2, thanks for your question! R and Python coexist very happily in our official base images - in fact, if you initialize a project with the R template, you already have both languages available. You can use R via the R Jupyter kernel in JupyterLab, if you wish, or switch to RStudio for a dedicated R session. If you use the R and Python parts individually there isn’t really anything you need to watch out for. You can add whatever packages you want to install to their respective configuration files: requirements.txt or environment.yml for Python and install.R for R. Let me know if you have more questions about a specific set up.

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