Where is Renku headed?


We plan to deploy a datascience platform for our institute, and we certainly don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Renku is on our radar and we’d like to know a bit more about future developments, before going any further. Does Renku have a roadmap (the big picture)?

Thanks and congratulations for the already done work!


Hi @sympythy ! Thank you for reaching out to us! Many Renku Users share the same question as you!! We are precisely working into making public our roadmap :motorway: , and it will still take some time to have it ready. Hence, it would be great if you write an email straight forward to me (elisabet.capon@sdsc.ethz.ch) and we set up a call so we can share with you directly the features that are work in progress and the highlights of our roadmap.

Hi Elisabet,
Thank you for your quick reply. I’m glad to read you are working on a public version.
I’m going to send you soon an email and close this topic right now.
Best regards