Roadmap Update • March 2024

We are building the next generation of Renku! And we want your input along the way.

A Renku project brings together your code, data, compute resources all in one place. In ‘Renku 2.0’, combining these resources will be easier and more flexible than ever!

As part of our open design process, you can view our roadmap and comment on our design documents describing our next round of development.

:building_construction: Here are the pieces of ‘Renku 2.0’ that we are building next:

:person_raising_hand: Take a look and let us know what you think! What in these new designs are you excited about? What would you rather have work differently? Where do you have questions? We want to hear from you. And if you’d like to participate in user research as we develop these features, drop us a note at

:thinking: P.S. What happened to Renku 1.0? We have previously been referring to this effort as ‘Renku 1.0’; however, we have decided that the name ‘Renku 2.0’ better reflects that this is a total reconceptualization of Renku, and not just a polishing of an existing product.

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