Updating RStudio on renkulab

RStudio version 1.4 was released nearly two years ago, and the visual markdown (WYSIWIG) feature, and some other additions, are now indispensable for many workflows. Renkulab RStudio projects appear to still use version 1.3.

Is there a way to update this for a project?

I found this thread on the same topic, but the resolution there was not super helpful in the end.

May I ask why this thread was not helpful? While it is admittedly a somewhat hacky solution, it describes a way of running Rstudio 1.4. Could you try and launch a session from this project and check if those are versions of Rstudio/R that you can work with?

Thank you so much for the response Andreas!

Indeed it works now.

I think it wasn’t working for me before because I didn’t know how to fork properly.

A small follow-up question: what specific file(s) should I copy from this project in order to get this behavior on new projects for which I want to use RStudio 4.1?