Renku on TrueNAS scale

iXsystems the developers of the TrueNAS and vendors of open stack ZFS based storage solutions recently released a new version of their Operating system TrueNAS scale which is now a linux distribution (used to be FreeBSD) which has support for Kubernetes. I’d be very interested to try a renku deployment on top of TrueNAS scale and was wondering if anyone else has tried this out yet?

I’ll probably be giving it a go when I have time, but I’m a bioinformatician not a sysadmin or Kubernetes expert so I’m not sure how far I’ll get. But in terms of a low administrative overhead way to set up a Renku instance in conjunction with a very solid open stack underlying storage and compute setup I think this could make a very compelling option. Especially for smaller teams setting up new instance. It might even be something the Renku team might want to consider supporting, perhaps with an install guide. TrueNAS’s management webUI has ‘1-click’ deployments for nextcloud, minio & a few other things so maybe even this eventually.

Some links: