Recovering a terminated environment


Recently, my renku environment got terminated due to inactivity from my part. Unfortunately, I forgot to push my code to git, and there was no automatic “auto-save” commit on my branch as has been previously the case sometimes. Are there any options to recover the code from this teminated environment?

Many thanks and best regards

Hi Ben, I can check if I can find something to recover. Can you tell me what renku delpoyment are you using - I am guessing Also what is your username and the name of the project?


The name of the project is dlbirhoui-das. I access renku over
The environment should have been terminated last night, and it was created on the branch “Ben”.
My user name is kochb (

Thanks for your quick response and your help.

Hi Ben unfortunately I do not see anything on my end that I can use to recover your session.

Hi Tasko, that’s unfortunate, but I guess this was my bad. Thank you anyway for trying.